CBD Fights Against Anxiety!

There are several different compounds in cannabis.

Two of the most common ones are THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the stuff that’s psychoactive and it makes somebody develop a high. Then there is CBD, cannabidiol, which has a medicinal effect on the body.

There are CBD receptors throughout the body that contribute to the effects of CBD by allowing the body to utilize the compound. CBD has been shown for some time now to have a positive effect on convulsive or seizure disorders.

THC can also be used to treat nausea and pain, but CBD won’t cause a high like THC.

For that reason alone, CBD is leading the pack for medical usage of cannabidiol.

In San Francisco, researchers say that CBD can kill cancer cells and stop them from forming in mice and in testing on human cells.

Allen Zubkin, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, has a practice in Central Florida and he has treated many people whose lives have been totally ruined by drugs and alcohol.

“If I asked my patient population, what are their most common complaints. I hear the three main problems of anxiety, panic attacks, and chronic pain.”

“When I found out about CBD, I was really encouraged because CBD oil is extremely beneficial for those three things, so I said this was a perfect match for my patient population.”

“There has been quite a bit of research done with CBD prior to it being available for public use and there is sound science that backs the product up.”

“When a physician hears that there are receptors for CBD in the brain and that it works on the limbic system, which is the brains emotional system, they can really understand how this can be beneficial to their patients.”

“Other benefits apparently are anti-inflammatory effects, and there are reports about it’s early research use in treating cancer. There are also many patients that have social anxiety disorder. CBD would play an important role in treating them.

There are neuroprotective effects of CBD so we’re really just at the start of research to understand all the different ways CBD can be used. Most medical practitioners are really excited about using it and happy for the opportunity to offer it to their patients.”

“Folks with social anxiety disorder have extreme fear of getting into social situations because they have difficulty approaching people. They have difficulty going out shopping or going to malls, anywhere there’s other people.

They have extreme fear of that situation, so a lot of people learn to medicate to cope with that problem. Having a natural product that would help them in that situation would really reap benefits for them.”

“I’m really excited about that use and the truth is, it’s a very common disorder and one of the main reasons that people are trying to legalize medical marijuana in this country is for its CBD content. This product, CBD, which is sold as a supplement is legal in all states and in fact is being used worldwide because there is no THC in this product and therefore the negative effects of THC like getting high, having the munchies and having paranoia is simply not found with this compound.”

“One of the other benefits of CBD is that in a small percentage of people who smoke marijuana, who have certain genetics, actually develop schizophrenia. CBD counteracts that problem and it’s used as an antipsychotic and it can repair brain damage.”

Some of the other possible benefits of CBD are:

-Reduced Inflammation in joints

-Pain relief

-Help reduce acne

-May benefit heart health

-Diabetes prevention

Some of the side effects may be:



-Loss of appetite

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