Hey everyone, welcome to our blog “News To Lose” and thank you so much for stopping by. Here on the right is the photo of us taking a water taxi to our island home in British Columbia..

We have been online for many years, but we were never serious about it until we discovered “blogging”. It seems like just the right fit for us and we knew that we had a lot of stories and information to share. We just didn’t have any idea what our blog would focus on. Well, we started to walk everyday on the great pathways around our home and guess what, we started to lose some weight and feel better. One of the great things that started to happen was that when we were out for our walk, we talked about everything that had gone on during our day. It was incredible!

In 2018, I started to dabble in website creation and trying to find out about improving our blog. I found some techniques that worked and our website empire started to grow. In a short amount of time, we had 10 websites. The problem was that we didn’t have anything to put on those sites. That brings us to today. We have decided to concentrate our efforts on blogging about weight loss and healthy living experiences. One of us is diabetic. I won’t tell you which one because you can find that out from the articles that will be posted to our blog. Suffice it to say that managing diabetes is a full time job and eating right and controlling weight is a learning experience. Stay tuned though because we have some great ideas and tips for you.

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