All About Diabetes!

Introduction Diabetes Mellitus is the scientific name for the common disease Diabetes. It’s a medical condition where the body’s cells cannot take in and use sugar or where there is not enough insulin being secreted into the body. When this happens, the blood sugar level becomes high and stays that way. The first tale-tell signs […]

French Wine For a Flat Belly Review – Can You Really Lose Weight Drinking Wine?

French Wine For a Flat Belly Review The words ‘French wine for a flat belly’ are sure to grab the attention of most wine lovers. Who wouldn’t want to drink wine and lose weight at the same time? Weight loss with little to no effort is the dream of many. But is it one that […]

Lose Weight With Hyperthyroidism!

I, like almost everyone else is trying to drop some pounds. About 4 years ago, I weighed 260, my knees hurt, my pants were too tight, and I just kept on eating. One day I just decided to go on a diet, and I remembered the grapefruit diet. I figured I could just eat grapefruit, […]