3 Easy Ways To Eat Only 1200 Calories Today!

These recipes are created around what a lot of people would enjoy and are the kind of recipes that are quite simple to prepare. So, easy to make healthy and balanced, which is just what we are looking for. Just what you need in a day to lose some weight.

This weight loss meal plan is specifically for women.

Almost all men and children, who are still developing, will need a different diet to lose weight in a healthy way. Don’t cut corners here as this is kind of important, women only. This weight loss meal plan is based on 1200 calories per day for weight loss. You may adjust the calories to up to 1600 calories a day or even more and depending on your specific calorie needs.

Start with a 100% whole grain rye bread. Here you can use any bread that you like, but the key guidelines of using bread for this meal plan is that each slice should be roughly 100 calories, which most breads are, but just check to make sure.

You need the 100 %. Whole grain because it allows you to sustain energy better. Remember, you can also use gluten-free bread if you need to. If you have that intolerance to gluten, you can still follow the diet.

Toast, two slices of whole rye bread and add them to the plate. Next, crack two eggs into a bowl and whisk them quickly with a fork. It’s really easy to do, and then you can add a little bit of sea salt to that as well.

Add just a tiny bit of coconut oil to a pan, about a 1/4 teaspoon. You can use any other good cooking oil that you prefer. Grease the pan with the oil so the bottom of the pan is coated. Here’s a trick. Once you put the oil in the pan, just whisk a paper towel around the pan and it will spread the oil evenly and if there is any excess, the paper towel will pick that up.

Once the pan reaches medium-high heat, it’s time to cook your two eggs. When the eggs are done, just serve on top of the toast, plus you can add some chives or sprouts as a garnish.

We love the 100 % rye bread and this one actually has a few little flax seeds in it. This is optional, put a few fresh spinach leaves on the side to color the plate and remember, spinach is full of good nutrients, but really adds no calories to this tasty meal.

That’s great but optional, like I said, and I like to just add a little bit of black pepper on top and that is breakfast really filling and healthy, full of good protein, healthy fats, good whole cards and you’ve got it.

About 400 calories for the whole breakfast, which is great for weight loss. Remember, it’s breakfast, so you don’t want to eat too little. Start your day off with a good breakfast so that you can have great energy all morning long.

Lunch was prepped this morning before I went to work. You can also prep for this the night before if you are short on time. This tossed quinoa and black bean salad is an easy fix and full of healthy goodness. Additionally, it fills you up so you won’t be hungry later.

Chopping up some veggies like cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber and your favorite onion. This is where you add your prepped black beans and quinoa. If you haven’t prepped beans and grains, the directions can be found on the label. Shouldn’t take more then five minutes, not counting waiting time..

Add the veggies now 1 cup of chopped cucumber and one cup of chopped red bell pepper. Now, cup of chopped cherry tomatoes and as much onion as you would like, usually about a palm-full.

I like to use sweet onions like Walla-Walla sweets. Shallots work nicely here and I have also use finely chopped leeks, be sure to rinse leeks good to remove all the sand. Mix it all up, put it in a container and off you go.

For the dressing, I squeeze some lemon or lime juice into some light oil, about a teaspoon, salt and pepper and I am all set. Pop some chili flakes on there if you like heat. Ole’.

Your lunch is about the same calories as your breakfast, 400, so you are ready for dinner.

If you need a snack during the day, just try a smaller apple or some non-fat yogurt and you should stay under 200 calories easy. Remember, drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you are drinking coffee or tea, make it unsweetened with out milk or cream. That takes some getting used to but is a few days you will be fine with it.

Salmon for dinner. 6 ounces of salmon (170 grams) should do it for you. Prepare 3 to 4 medium spears of asparagus by trimming (snap off) off the woody bottom. Put all the spears in a pan with 1/4 teaspoon of oil and saute until just before soft, about 10 to 13 minutes.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Cut a slit in your salmon fillet so that it can be folded back. Place the sauteed asparagus into the salmon and move the flap of salmon back over the spears. We like to season here with some salt and pepper and chili flakes can be added too. Paprika is also a nice touch for taste and color. After the entree is seasoned, move it to an oven safe frying pan, skin side down. Cast iron is great here because you will get more even heat. Bake for 7 to 10 minutes, depending on your liking and then remove from the oven. Tent the salmon with some tin foil while still in the pan. Wait 5 minutes and then serve. Garnish with basil or spinach leaves It will be juicy and delicious and you can add a drizzle of lemon if you like. Chalk up another 400 calories for a grand total of 1200 for the day.

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